Friday, December 24, 2010

Paris Christmas WIndows, Printemps

Printemps sits next to Galleries Lafayette. Galleries Lafayette runs for two blocks with a satellite "maison" store across the street from it. Printemps runs for two blocks with their men's store filling another block just behind it. To walk for four blocks of amazing window after amazing window is one of the most overwhelming things to see. Clearly at Christmastime, these two store try to outdo each other and for my money, Printemps wins this year. (click on any image to enlarge, and honestly, you really should see some of these LARGER.)

Exterior of Printemps by day.

Exterior of Printemps by night.

Under the awnings.

Okay, so you're not really wowed yet. I totally agree. Galleries Lafayette won on the lighting and under the awning portion. But the windows, oh the windows!

You have no idea how difficult it is to get great window shots at night. To not get reflection of the stores across the street. And particularly at this time of year, to not get a thousand people in front of the window. I did my best. I grabbed my shots in a hurry. A few may be blurry. I could never get far enough back to get in the entire window. Lucky for me, I am tall and just held my camera over my head and shot over people.
This window was animated with puppets.

This window was also animated with puppets.

Printemps also did Chanel windows.SERIOUSLY, I NEED ONE OF THESE COCO DOLLS!

It's really in the details. Here's this mannequin just sitting over here on the far left in a pile of hay. In the most amazing outfit.

The Drama, starts, here.

I pieced this window together to show you the breadth of the windows. Each and every inch of it in its glory.
Check out the shoes.


Anonymous said...

Don't laugh - I searched for those dolls on line and couldn't find them for sale :)

Jules said...

How awesome!! Really magnificent! Thanks for sharing all of those!

Merry Christmas to you both, may it be so joyous!


My Blog said...

OMG, that's the very same outfit I wore last time I was sitting in the hay, in the barn, in Paris...Texas.

Michael Guy said...

SO fabulous! THANKS for sharing the snaps! Hugs!