Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mammoth Mountain

While my snowbunnies hit the slopes yesterday I took a drive around town. Well, I had planned to drive "around" the town but the road that circles it was closed. As in 10 feet high of unplowed snow across it. But I wanted to certain to get out and about on Friday as snow is forecast for the rest of our stay. I won't be driving in that.

I lifted the chair lift picture from Lyle.

It did start to snow last night about 7 pm. And snowed all night. Forecast called for about 4 inches overnight. Another 5-6 inches forecast for Saturday. We leave on Sunday when the forecast is calling for SEVENTEEN inches of snow.

This morning the heated pool has icicles hanging on the edge.

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Lyle said...

Ended up with over 4 feet of snow while we were there