Saturday, March 05, 2011

Tried and tested

A friend of Facebook wrote the other day that she hates change. An earlier version of me wold have heartily agreed. But I have changed my opinion on change. Change is the essence of life. If you stay still, the world around you still moves and when you don't move with it, by default, you still change. "He used to be so hip and current, but on day he just stopped. Still wearing those clothes from the 80's. Still listening to the same music. He's really changed."

I don't go out and seek change. But I know I can't avoid it. I am good with rearranging furniture. I can move homes with more ease than most. I like new restaurants.
I don't like the unknown. I get nervous at new jobs. I don't like when they make up new rules at security at the airport.

I've discovered the most horrible trying times in my life, are now the moments that define me. I am strong enough to handle this future task because I have already been tested in my past.

So many things around me I can not control. But I can control my response to the elements. That is what I strive for (and fall short of, often).

A few years ago my mom told me that she didn't think people under 40 really understood what it meant to be happy. She explained that before that you just hadn't had enough "bad stuff" happen to realize what the "good stuff" is.

I told her I was glad she hadn't told me that when I was in my thirties because I would have been very annoyed. "Bad stuff" really does give you a whole new perspective of appreciation for "good stuff". I'm not wishing for crappy times, but I sure appreciate simple things in comparison.


jason said...

perfectly put

My Blog said...

Your mother is a wise woman!