Thursday, March 17, 2011

My mother will be proud!

I rearranged my cupboards! For years now I have complained on how difficult it is to get the empty Tupperware out of the lower cupboard. So I moved it up top!

Which meant the food from up top moved over next to the stove, that cookware went low where the empty Tupperware used to live.

Yes, this is how we live.

My one complaint about growing up with my mother, the Tupperware Overlord, is that I am ill equipped as an adult to function in any ziplock capacity. So that's Lyle's department.


A Lewis said...

And I'm proud too. Momma and I apparently share the same affinity for organization.

Cristine said...

WOW, Barb just sent me the link. It looks EXACTLY like the cupboards you had on W. North ST. when I babysat you three.......those cupboards were smaller, but your mom had everything organized to a T - she must be proud

Dotti (Johnson) Goldsmith