Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oh the glamour...

Today they delivered a palate of rocks and two scoops of raisins, now wait, make that gravel. Two scoops - as in two scoops of a front loader. Those big yellow things you see working on construction sites.

The REALLY BIG rocks are to go around the planted areas of the front yard and in the parking strip area between the sidewalk and the street. Some may end up in teh backyard.

The gravel, we have been buying in 10lb bags from the local hardware store. And buying. And buying. 6 at a time, 10 at a time, 20 at a time. We've even taken all they had on hand one day. So I am certain we can dispense it everywhere in a short time. Mark my words, it probably won't be enough because that's the way things work around here.

Oh, and if you look at Lola watching the nice man deliver the rocks, you can see the top of the fountain in the new front yard.

Someone is gonna' be very sore, very soon.


Katy said...

That's a lot of big and little rocks.

Rachel said...

So I guess hunting down rocks for free in the middle of nowhere didn't work for you?