Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sad news

For those who read this and weren't contacted by Rachel herself, on Tuesday Rachel had to put her cat Kiko down. It was very difficult and she is understandably quite sad.

If you'd like to read her blog entry you can go here.

Of if you'd like to e-mail her:

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Rachel said...

Ah jeez - you got me cryin' all over again. I got home last night after you guys dropped me off thinking I'd be fine. Ran into a neighbor and he asked how I was and I told the truth. (Sucky). Then walked in my apartment, knowing it would only be Pye. Still looked on the bed for Kiko and realized what I was doing and started to cry. Went to feed Pye and there are still two dishes out and started to cry. Went to brush down Pye and Kiko's fur is still in the mitt and I started to cry.

Well - you get the idea.

Thank you Jim and Lyle for your comfort last night and yesterday and Tuesday night.