Friday, March 23, 2007

Oranges Schmoranges

Nothing rhymes with oranges.

The orange tree in the backyard is in bloom. Spring has arrived at last! Strangely, Spring seems to have arrived on or near... the first day of Spring. Odd for California. Usually Spring arrives in February or January.

With Spring comes the night blooming jasmine that is so amazing - when it's about one block away. Next to the house, you'll sit by a closed window with your eyes burning wondering why the news isn't carrying anything about that nasty ammonia spill that must have happened right outside your door.

But the orange tree is all together different and perfect. Not too strong a scent and it doesn't travel nearly far enough.

If you've gone to Disney's California adventure and taken a turn on "Soaring Over California" you know just the scent they pump into the room when you glide over the orange groves.

With the back doors to the house open and the wind blowing just right, the orange blossom smell can fill the back bedroom and drifts down the hallway to just before the guest room door. If the wind isn't blowing just right, you have to go out and stand with your nose in the tree. Either way, we are apparently going to have MANY oranges this year.

Almost everything we've planted is thriving in our yard. I am most pleased that almost everything I'VE planted is doing well also. I don't have high expectations. I am not a gardener. But my lettuce is looking quite nice in the front yard. Am I saving any money by growing my own produce after you factor in how much water I am using to make it grow?

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Rachel said...

My theory is that it saves more than money. It feeds your soul to grow your own food. It's more nurturing and more nutricious. Just all round better for ya.

That is a lovely picture.