Monday, March 26, 2007

Marching out of March

I've been ill.

Took a class at the gym Friday night and it was a tough class. It kicked my butt. I thought I must have overdone it something fierce. Such a gym guy.

Then came Saturday where it hurt worse. Saturday afternoon where I had to lie down for a few hours. Saturday night where... how to put this delicately... "I needed to stay near home".

Same for all day Sunday.

Sunday night I took an assortment of pills to make things stop and make me sleep. Finally I slept. For about 13 hours.

Feeling much better, thank you.

Here's the view of the newly painted garage from the archway at the front of the drive. Looks almost summer ready.

And below is a photo of the orchids still in bloom since January. To be unpleasantly honest about the orchids, we do nothing special to them or for them. They sit in a shady area all year long and get some water now and then. Come January (as the Christmas tree makes its exit) they bloom and bloom and bloom. Oh, and behind the orchids, that's the new color of the garage. Lyle has spoken to the landlord about painting the house terra cotte with brown trim to match the garage. She seems agreeable to the idea. Probably because Lyle told her it would shame the neighbors.

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Rachel said...

That's a beautiful pic of the orchids. Only time I had orchids they just sat there. They didn't die, but the didn't bloom either. I think your orchids must like you.