Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yard & House

So this last weekend we set some sort of temperature record in Los Angeles. I recorded 95˚ at our little corner of heaven.

Lyle took the dogs out rollerblading in the morning on Saturday and Sunday and came home both days to tell us to close up the house because it was going to get too hot.

IMPOSSIBLE. I've been waiting "all winter" for it to get too hot. So I left it as it was... and then about 4 in the afternoon, man! Was it ever hot!

The front and back yards are pretty much done and I promise to go out and take pictures and dedicate some space to all that very soon. In the meantime, here's what else we've done...

The first photo is Chandra enjoying some sun on the back deck. Yes, here legs are really that white. That is why she out in the sun with only her legs getting any real sun damage. I think she lasted about half an hour.

We finally got the garage painted a color we like. After trying to cover the pinky color it was with a bright yellow (looked like a daycare) and then an ugly green (looked like a military target) we bought a light terra cotte that was still too pink. Finally we had it remixed into a darker color that matches the kitchen inside and the other wall in the backyard that we had painted a few months ago with leftover kitchen paint.
Here is the backyard garden and stream area. I was allowed out of the house and purchased some more plants. Mostly vegetables. i love harvesting what we've grown. So above is the pretty picture. Below, is the same photo with indications of what I planted this weekend. Did you need to re-read that? I PLANTED. I had dirt on my hands. I dug a hole in the ground. I was OUTSIDE.

The other thing we accomplished this last week was the LAST wall in the back bedroom got painted. This was the wall that was planned to be a hot pink patterned mural feature wall. After we painted the two window sills hot pink we changed out minds and nothing more was done. So, 9 months later I saw a dark blue wall in a magazine and announced, "That's it!"

I bought paint on Tuesday afternoon. I painted on two coats Tuesday night. On Wednesday I finished it in the daylight (very important to be able to see it). On the weekend we went out and bought two new nightstands and a new dresser. The room feels so... what's that word? Grown-up. Weird.
Above, Lola models next to the new nightstand.

Here, Lola shows off the new feature wall color, it's called Indigo Midnight.

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Rachel said...

That Lola! She's so ladylike.