Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Canada Day!

So, Canada Day was July 1st and I am just getting to it now. No, I was not hung over on too many Molson Canadians.

At my house July is very busy. We kick off with Canada Day on the first, then comes July 4th for America and forging on we celebrate Bastille Day on July 14th. I guess this is what happens when you marry an American to a Canadian who both love France and any excuse to have a themed event.

I have two favorite songs for Canada Day. “Canada Day, Up Canada Way” by Stompin’ Tom Connors and “Ontario Sucks” by the Arrogant Worms. The video of "Canada Way, Up Canada Way" is not so good, but just close your eyes and imagine you are in bed when this is the sogn I play for you first thing in the morning.

I actually do not have a problem with Ontario. But as the Arrogant Worms point out in their ditty, they love Alberta. And as the husband is from Alberta, I must muster my spousal pride. Okay the truth is it’s just so Canadian of a song that it makes me giggle.

For the Fourth of July we were 8 people at mi casa for Weiner Wednesday. I normally like a Weiner Weekend sometime in the summer, but since July 4th fell on a Wednesday, I had to re-title it. What a Weiner Wednesday involves is hot dogs. Once a year (and only ONCE) I crave hot dogs. After I’ve had them I swear them off as disgusting and refuse to even think about them... until next year. We do it all. Potato salad, baked beans, cucumber with onion and dill salad, sauerkraut and this year a chocolate zucchini cake with ice cream. As a culinary side note, I serve my potato salad with cheap caviar. I love the extra salt it provides and the eggs pop like champagne in your mouth while you are eating potato salad with hot dogs for god’s sake!

We had not planned on any fireworks this year. We didn’t have any last year. They are illegal in the city of Los Angeles, but you can go slightly south to other cities and purchase them legally. You’re just not supposed to set them off when you get home.

Last year we didn’t’ do fireworks because we had just moved in... That day. I remember everyone had already gone to bed by 9 and I was the only one awake when I heard fireworks last year and realized I could see parts of the fireworks from Dodger Stadium by way of my front living room window. Between two houses, above their roofs, below the canopies. Not the same as standing under them and feeling that blast, but pretty nonetheless.

This year our friend Brad brought a LARGE box of fireworks. Lyle was delighted.

I’ve posted a montage together for you. Oh joy, 7 minutes of backyard fireworks to view. You will notice the ladder at the beginning. We discovered this trick many years ago. TO make the cheap stuff (or expensive home stuff) look bigger, you place the firework on top of a tall ladder and get an additional 6 feet of sparkles falling to the ground. And it begins with Kate Smith, cause ya' gotta love her version of "God Bless America".

Of course I was worried that the neighbors would call the cops and we’d all be busted. But even though we filled the neighbor’s yard with smoke, smoke, and more smoke, no police came by.

After fireworks, as the last few people were leaving, the fireworks started at Dodger Stadium. Five of us stood in the front yard and enjoyed the sights from afar.

As for Bastille day... Just you wait... (No, we are not going to France)


Rachel said...

That was a delight to go through. Thank you for taking the time to put it all up. And we didn't melt the cable wires and the fishies are still good and the police didn't show up.

And I'm really looking forward to Bastille Day!

Jim said...

Rachel also told me that if you add up the time in all the mini-movies in this post, it comes up to about 20 minutes of mindless entertainment...

Rachel said...

An absolute delight - kind of like watching a sitcom!

Jon said...

Hey I agree that my Canada Day video was not by best work and I appreciate your honesty. It was completed hastily because I had other work I was supposed to be doing.

Jon said...

Also, The Toronto Song was not by the Arrogant Worms. It was by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie.

Jim said...

I stand corrected on the "Toronto Song". It is indeed by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie.

As for the Canada Day Video, I was thrilled to find it on-line anywhere and I hope Jon is able to get a better job with less hours to create better work for me to show other people.