Friday, July 27, 2007

Convertible, Sí o No?

What is it about having the top down that encourages people to talk to me?

When you are driving with your windows down do people feel compelled to talk to you?

I drive a convertible and I find myself having conversations with complete strangers at least once a day when I take the car out. Usually stopped at a light, or just as I am leaving a parking space.

"How do you like that Volvo convertible?" I don't. It's a lumber wagon and the service I have received has been less than stellar. I will never own a Volvo again. I am looking at Saab or BMW next time. People are disappointed to hear that. I wish the person we had struck up a conversation with regarding her Volvo convertible before we bought ours had been so forthcoming.

"Do you know where the Walk Of Fame is?" As a matter of fact I do. and you are WAY off. Make a U-turn, they're legal all over California, and go about 5 miles or 15 minutes the other way, turn left on La Brea, then right onto Hollywood. It goes for over 20 blocks on Hollywood blvd.

"Learn how to drive!" SCREW YOU! Turn off your turn indicator for the last 5 miles! Get a license from a state that voted blue!

"(Wolf whistle)" I freely confess I was driving with my shirt off to get more sun. I am going to assume it was meant in a good way and not in an ironic sarcastic way. I did not turn my head to see where it was coming from.

Now that is something else to confess. Predominantly I am driving fully clothed. Then I will choose a sleeveless T-shirt or a tank top. All of those things lead to very unfortunate tan lines within an hour. So if I am getting on a freeway where you and I both know I will be going faster than everybody else, or driving somewhere I won't know anybody or care, I may take my shirt off and go for the burn. No, I am not lifting weights in the car, I am trying to even out the tan in a very unsafe manner. I have very little time and even less sense.

Today when it 105° I finally put the roof up.

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Rachel said...

You put the roof up? REALLY!