Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy 100!!!

Since I will never actually BE 100 (even if I was, I'd claim 89) this will be as close as I get to celebrating my 100th. Post that is.

Who'd have thunk that I'd make it this far this fast? I just kicked this mama off the ground in January!

So to celebrate, here's 100 things about me. GLORIOUS ME!

1) I've bitten my dog. He had it coming. He bit me first.
2) I love Ice cream. An amazing creamy vanilla is my favorite. Coffee Oreo is a great second choice.
3) Growing up I played in the swamp in the back, back yard. Nowadays it's called "wetlands."
4) I keep people. It's pretty rare that I let friends go. They have to work hard at getting away. Then I track them down. Even 15 years later.
5) I can carry color in my head. I can be in a foreign country looking at fabric and know it will match something at home perfectly that I bought a year ago. I am rarely wrong.
6) I did not graduate High School. I did graduate College. Fancy that.
7) I think poetry is better when it rhymes.
8) I can say mean things to people's faces in such a humorous way that they laugh... in the moment.
9) I loathe bananas. The sight of them on TV turns my stomach. The smell of them can drive me from a room.
10) Charles Bronson has the same birthday as me.
11) I like to be in charge of the music.
12) I don't watch horror movies. Ever.
13) My favorite swear word is "bugger."
14) I've been thinking about getting a bike, but haven't told anyone for fear of being held to getting one.
15) A dog taught me how to swim. Dog paddle naturally.
16) I don't phone home while on vacation. No matter how good a time I'm having, I will cry on the phone.
17) I used to be a nail biter. Now I'm nearly free of that habit. Still bite my cuticles. Gross.
18) I speed when I drive.
19) I let others plan my vacations.
20) This is way harder than I thought it would be.
21) I don't get hangovers.
22) I get into ruts in my wardrobe and have been accused of having a "uniform". I happen to think khaki pants with a white shirt is a classic look.
23) My first cat was Minnie, my second cat was her kitten, Fiona. Dewey doesn't count as he belonged to the whole family. Later came Herman.
24) My number one choice of dog growing up was a St. Bernard.
25) I don't clean. I tidy.
26) I can name all the United States in alphabetical order.
27) I can list them off in under 30 seconds.
28) I love a good theme to put music to. Bastille Day, Truckers, Florida, putting in light bulbs... seriously, any excuse.
29) I can't remember the last piece of clothing I paid full price for.
30) I used to be great about remembering birthdays with a card or a call. Then if I forgot one, I would beat myself up over it. It made me miserable. I'm no longer so good about birthdays, but I am not miserable over it.
31) When I pack a house to move I am incredibly anal about it. My fear is that I will die in teh moving truck and someone will come to go through my things and ask, "What kind of person puts EACH and EVERY extension cord in its own ziplock bag?"
32) I quote my father.
"Only a newcomer or a damn fool tries to predict the weather."
"Figures can lie and liars can figure."
"What do you need so many shoes for? You've only got two feet!"
33) On the other hand I channel my mother.
34) When I get a mani/pedi I always get a high buff shine. On my feet as well.
35) I've seen the big gay four in concert; Madonna, Liza, Bette and Cher. Not all at the same time.
36) Now that it's all digital, I take four or five times as many photos so I can choose the best later. I used to take about 2 rolls of film a day on vacation. You can only imagine what I do now.
37) I've also added vacation video clips to my repetiore.
38) The first car I drove was a 1970 Ford Maverick. It was not 1970.
39) I am no longer certain of my "natural" hair color.
40) I am terrible at balancing a bank account.
41) I've shot a gun.
42) I have a tattoo.
43) My favorite drink is water.
44) My favorite cocktail changes... Gin & Tonic or Stoli Vanilla Vodka & Diet Coke at the moment.
45) Guaranteed to cry at the end of Mahogany and when Ron Howard sings about the Wells Fargo Wagon in the Music Man.
46) Not a good speller.
47) Very fast reader.
49) The last time we moved, there were more boxes marked Christmas than office.
50) I've been to 26 different countries which makes that 11% of countries of the world.

51) I HATE, HATE, HATE THE RAIN. I've seen enough rain to last me for the rest of my life.
52) I keep "backstock" of foods. When I run out of mayonnaise, I've still got a fresh jar in the cupboard.
53) My eyes change color from blue to gray to green.
54) I judge books by their cover. I'm good at it.
55) Not inherently craft oriented.
56) My sister taught me how to sew a buttonhole over the phone. The first few were not so good, but by the end they were perfect. (Oh, I was making a shower curtain).
57) Big gay disco club remixes rule.
58) I love those black & white photo booths.
59) I wear out a pair of black loafers about once a year. Very hard on shoes.
60) I am the dog whisperer.
61) Never served on jury duty. (Shit, I hope that doesn't jinx me)
62) When I can't fall asleep, I recite the alphabet forwards then backwards. Then it's off to states and state capitols... zzzzzzzzzzzzz...
63) I clip coupons and then forget to use them.
64) I thought the Broadway show "Titanic" might have had a happy ending. I was wrong.
65) I prefer to text message.
66) I do not “IM”.
67) I broke my arm when I was 12.
68) I was once Miss USA. We drew states at home while we watched on TV. My Miss Kansas Won. I had to relinquish my crown when I moved to Canada.
69) Growing up, I had a fort and a treehouse.
70) I attended my ten year class reunion. I did not attend my 20th. I think I will go to the 30th as I look FABULOUS.
71) I am not friends with anyone famous. But I know people who are.
72) When I was little my mother always made homemade cookies. Then I would trade them for some of those forbidden treats called Oreos!
73) I’ve been to 23 of the United States and Washington DC. Of those, I’ve been to 13 state capitols.

74) I live for my Tivo because now TV lives for me.
75) Rarely do I carry cash. I get mileage points with my credit/debit card.
76) We have a separate full size freezer. Remember, I keep a backstock of food.
77) Je parle fraçais un peu. Hablo español un poco menos. (Just enough German to say filthy things but not understand the response I may get.)
78) I have Platinum Status on American Airlines.
79) Some of my most favorite meals have been cooked by my husband.
80) Can’t drive in the snow. I can however curl up under the glovebox and cry quietly, “We’re doomed. We’re doomed. We’re all going to die.”
81) Don’t play sports.
82) Humor is a good defense.
83) I have two enemies in the world (that I know of) who have done something so hurtful I will never forgive them.
84) In college I decided I didn’t like my signature. I was taking a class on religion and made it a point to sit by other people each class. I would Look over shoulders to shop the capitol “J” for Jesus until I picked my new one. Oh, and I did find it and it’s wonderful.
85) I am ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille.
86) I don’t know the words to every song ever written, but I probably know the words to most of the music you have.
87) I have written a script. (This is L.A. after all)
88) It was for “Adult Entertainment.” (This is L.A. after all)
89) I do not get motion sickness.
90) I shop at least 4 different grocery stores. Each has their own specialty or bargain.
91) I have three “secret” Target stores that no one else seems to shop. I find my endcap bargains there. I have never revealed them.
92) Fewer expensive chocolates preferred over many cheap chocolates.
93) In college my goal was to have enough socks and underwear that I wouldn’t have to do laundry for a whole month. That remains my goal. Currently I could go 30+ days.
94) I have made out in a car. It did have a stick shift.
95) The lowest I’ve weighed as an adult was 160 pounds. I was poor in London. I ate cucumber and cheese sandwiches for dinner and I raced up and down the escalators to the Tube as I was always late.
96) I love the smell of beach fire.
97) I went to a private Quaker college with mandatory chapel attendance. For one term.
98) My brother and I went out between midnight and 4 am and filled my car with lilacs, twice in one night. Brought them home and filled the house with them before anyone woke up. When my mother woke up, she told us she couldn’t breathe from all the pollen.
99) It took my four days to compile all this.
100) I will never do this again.


Rachel said...

What!?! No more?

The T-Dude said...

No hangovers? That's a true gift.

Carolyn said...

I found that truly amusing! We have something in common...I no longer know my natural haircolor either. I personally don't care. Knowing your natural haircolor is overrated.
Where is your tattoo? Why don't you go in the bathroom with your camera and take a picture of it and post it on your blog? Ha! Ha!

Jim said...

Rachel - you know how long that took, you were here for part of it!

T Dude - To be clear, there is a rare day when I may need some coffee and a little sugar to get me going after an inebriated night (never day). But really, no hangovers as those around me have exhibited.

Carolyn - you have correctly assumed that I would need to use the camera in teh bathroom for the tattoo photo. As that is the case, there is not a chance of posting it here.

To close the loop on all these comments, I tell you all more, one drunken evening you will all regret and show you my tattoo.

Rachel said...



Lyle said...

a bike you say, interesting...

Rachel said...

Uh oh.

Christopher said...

*** Congrats on your 1st 100! ***

...and I'm uber jealous that you don't get hung over or motion that's a strong tummy!