Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Farmer Dean's

My little garden harvest last week. Those cucumbers will not quit!

After growing what seemed like a lot of produce on my little patch of land, friends came over and viewed my tiny garden space. Inspired, they went home and planted a HUGE garden up the back slope of their property. Just below what used to be the stables. Fairly fertile, if you will.

I adore their garden. Because they do all the work and I get loads of food. Last week I called to see if I should drive out and make a harvest.

"Not much here," they told me, "we ripped out all the beans and snap peas. The corn is no good, it bolted. All we really have is tomatoes. But come by if you want."

Here's what I got:
A GIANT bowl of big red tomatoes, a HUGE zucchini, three overly large white squash, a spaghetti squash, one smallish regular eggplant, 6 Japanese eggplants, a big bowl of cherry tomatoes and a mini-watermelon.

Nope, nothing to be had really.
(half gone in 5 days)

(only three of these big babies left!)

Seeing all these gorgeous red ripe tomatoes on our counter, I decided to go get some buffalo mozzarella. Knowing how the dogs can be, I set up a line of defense against them along the edge of the counter. Two large Tupperware containers along the right and on the left the giant zucchini. You'd think that would be enough?

No. One of the dogs proved to be far more persistent than I had anticipated...

Was it Mr. Cooper?
Or little Mrs. Pickles?


Rachel said...

They'll never tell. I think Lola did while Cooper played look out.

The T-Dude said...

Yeah, total tag team effort.

Anonymous said...

What does the dog in the bottom picture have on her head? It looks like some sort of old school swim cap.

Jim said...

Mrs. Pickles is wearing a napkin/head scarf in fashionable navy and fuschia.

Christopher said...

Now, how can anyone get angry at those little faces?!...too cute!