Friday, June 20, 2008

Fashion Smashion

Speaking of Pee Wee Herman and his shrunken suit, let's talk about Thom Browne. I'm kind on obsessed with his stuff and yet I don't think I will own any.
Here's Thom in the middle. I can't imaging anyone else in the photo wearing these high water pants and no socks. It just seems like this look may not be for every body.

Then here is a photo of Thom (seated) and friends and they are all working a slight variation on the theme. You have to admit, they are all VERY SKINNY.

I love this look from the runway. So school boy prepster. But does it work for lunch at the Hotel Bel Air?

Here is a shot of some staff from Thom Browne. I guess they have to wear it. It looks best on the guy in the center. I like his hair as well. (thanks to the two dog blog for finding this photo and inspiring this post)
Thom waiting for a flood.

Thom in his office. No, it's not casual Friday. But I love this look. I'm thinking of going out and buying a regular suit (somewhere inexpensive like Nordstrom Rack) and having the pants cut off. Just to try it out.

But ultimately I'm afraid I will just look like the ringmaster at the circus.


Rachel said...


I'm not a fan. I like the shorts, thats about it. The rest looks like they dumped the drycleaning in the washing machine. To me.

The T-Dude said...

Is anyone else thinking they look like Angus Young if he'd grown up and become an Ad Exec?

Sherri said...

Geek wear?

Reminds me of the "fashion trend" a couple years ago of men's leggings. I am so thankful I never saw that in the mall anywhere. Leggings are just barely tolerable on very young, very slim females (unlike the the more abundantly gifted who tend to wear them. I know, I used to be one, until one day I caught my reflection from the rear. I threw them all out that night.)

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I'm torn with Thom Browne. Sometimes I like his stuff, sometimes it seems too costume-y. I think I like it best for its influence on other designers.

And I was annoyed when I came across his "Rules for Proper Suit Usage."

But he is from Pennsylvania, so that's cool.

Also, every time I see that picture with him sitting on the car (Vogue, I think?), it looks like he's grabbing that guy's crotch.

Rachel said...

It does look like he's grabbing that guy's crotch! Kinda looks like he's grabbing his own, too.

Anyone else think his legs are bit too hairy in the pic where he's sitting at the desk?

TJB said...

I love clothes. I love suits. I'm obsessed with cut and fabric. But I try to follow the "WWCD" mantra ("What Would Cary Do?") -- and methinks Mr. Grant would have the decency to keep his ankles covered.

A $5000 suit that makes you appear as if you got caught in a rainstorm, and your clothing shrunk directly on your body, is a costume and a conceit -- no matter how impeccably constructed or sumptuously woven it may be.