Sunday, June 01, 2008

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Before I go to bed each night I let the dogs out to potty. For the last two weeks Cooper has had a job to do beside poop. He is in charge of clearing out the yard of the midnight bandit. The Raccoon.

The raccoon wants out fish. The raccoon has already emptied out pond once. We have had to start over with all new goldfish and Koi. This time Lyle has built much better hiding places in the pond.

We have also tried an electric fence that only comes on at night. It looked very ugly by day.

Currently we have a chicken wire fence around the pond. It's not so pretty either.

I understand the animals were here first. I wish the raccoon no harm. I just don't want to buy it dinner either.

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Michael Guy said...

I'm sorta wishing for a hat out of this adventure.