Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wodka Party

I know it seems like I've been drinking a lot. Honestly I haven't. But a blog post about watching TV is just not me. I want to share with you when I leave the house and not just my last trip to Trader Joe's (I bought milk, bread, bacon and Ahi tuna). Friday night we left the house to attend a party. A vodka party. A $500 a bottle vodka party. The invite said the party started at 6:30 and we arrived at 6:33.I'm having a hard time finding much info on this vodka. Marani vodka made in Armenia. The bottle boasts "vodka with sodium bicarbonate, acetic acid, honey & skimmed dry milk." Oh, and that it is 80 proof. I think this vodka was substituted later as the the invite said the $500 vodka was supposed to be Rodnik Vodka. Oh my god, what if I was duped into thinking I was getting hammered on expensive vodka only to loose in a blind taste test?

We decide that it would behoove us to try it on the rocks without any mixer muddling the taste. Auspicious evening indeed. Over the course of the evening I would try it plain with a squeeze of lime (very nice), with a splash of pineapple (gave it a bite it didn't have before), with an energy drink (sickeningly sweet) and with cranberry (hands down everyone's favorite).

The shindig was held in the upstairs VIP room at Beso, a new restaurant in Hollywood that is owned by Eva Longoria and Todd English. I've been here once before in officially opened and I have to state that I am still in love with these red croc stamp pillows on the sofas upstairs. I swear next time I am bringing in some black leather straps, hooking them on to a pillow and walking out the front door with my new enormous handbag. I MUST POSSES THEM.

Lyle is obsessed with the mirror framed mirrors. Though the decor upstairs could be perceived as a little on the bordello side, I find the balance between sleek and tasteful with sexy textures thrown in to be very pleasing.

Luke and I show off the red croc pillow nicely.

One of our hosts and his sister work the pole like they've had thousands of dollars worth of vodka...

Octavio holds a best chest competition in the back corner.

The party officially ended at 9:30. We were home by 9:40. Lyle forgot his regular glasses for the drive home so he had to wear his prescription sunglasses. Oh my god, I was riding home with Corey Hart wearing his sunglasses at night!


Rachel said...

Eeek! Corey Hart!

I bet that was fun.

I still need to start investing in more gin.

Sherri said...

Is Octavio REAL? I mean, like 3D?

Love your tie.

I now have 4 pairs of glasses -- one for reading/sewing, sunglasses, regular glasses, and a pair of regular glasses with custom sunglass clip ons that live in my car because I'm always forgetting either my regular glasses or my sunglasses will be necessary at some later point.

Expensive, but efficient. I think I still have Cory Hart's first album. On LP.

Carolyn said...

I'm really good at stealing things from restaurants. You should see my fabulous glassware collection. Let me know how badly you want those pillows. I could walk in wearing a stylish empire waist dress and walk out pregnant.