Thursday, June 12, 2008

OMG its ONJ!!!

Olivia Newton John was the big headliner for Sunday night at West Hollywood Gay Pride. I told everyone that if she didn't perform Xanadu there would be riot. Smart girl, she opened with it.

She sang the theme song from the movie (and upcoming television series) Sordid Lives.
Me and Beth Grant from Sordid Lives

This is the promo from the upcoming TV series:

Olivia Neutron Bomb closed with an acapella version of Let me Be There but by then my camera was stone cold dead (as was my phone). Lesson learned, I need new electronics. But before it all went dark, she did a couple of songs from Grease and encouraged one on the biggest gayest sing-alongs I have ever witnessed.

Of course a Grease Medley totally made us:
Hopelessly devoted!


Lewis said...

Did you sing along? You hopeless gay boy you. I would have.

Michael Guy said...

YOU have met BETH GRANT!

She made that movie! Well, Delta Burke, too.

:: swoons/faints ::

Rachel said...

God! I woulda been cryin' like a fan girl! My first 45 was Guantanamera. My first LPs were given to me on the same bday: ONJ and Simon&Garfunkel.

My sister and I couldn't afford the Grease Album from the record club, so we split it. And years later we STILL fought over who would get it.

"Just David!" said...

Love Beth Grant... have you seen Del Shore's first movie? It's called "Daddy's Dyin'... where's the will?"... it's not as gay but just as hysterical as Sordid Lives! A movie must-see with a great cast!

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I just discovered "Xanadu" and have listened to it about 500 times since I downloaded it yesterday.