Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

It's not easy living with me, just ask Lyle... no wait. Don't. But my parents suffered first and earliest (and to my siblings reading this, shut up). I have great love of making those around me suffer for my own enjoyment. I like to think they are enjoying themselves as well but I really do amuse myself more than anyone else I know. My mom seemed to get this and suffer willingly. My dad on the other hand has taken his own sweet time getting used to me. I love making him have his picture taken. And you know what they say about a tough audience? Well once you can get my dad to smile and play along you know you've made it.

When I was growing up (not done yet) every year we would take a family vacation for two weeks. Twice we drove to Disneyland in Southern California. On both trips we stopped at the Andersen Pea Soup factory/restaurant along I-5. On the way there. On the way back. That's four trips to Andersen Pea Soup land. We'd stop there for lunch and no matter what you ordered you also got as a starter a large bowl of split pea soup. YUCK.

But my dad loved pea soup and ate his happily. Then he ate my sisters bowl. Then he ate my brother's bowl. Having survived cafeteria rules that wouldn't let you go out to recess unless you ate all your lunch, I begged him to eat mine as well which he did. Then the waitress came back and picked up the empty bowls in front of each child.

"Wow, you really cleaned your bowl! Would you like some more?"
No, thank you.
"Would you like some more?"
No, thank you.
"Would you like some more?"
No, thank you.

And then she came to my dad with his fourth bowl of soup in front of him only half finished.
"Aw, you didn't like the soup? Looks like someone could take a lesson from his children."

This picture was taken a few years later at the Andersen Pea Soup restaurant/factory along Highway 101. It's nice to have a friend to play with!


Lewis said...

Dad does look happy, doesn't he? A real sport. He'd have to be to have you for a son! And, I must say, that I've stopped a time or two at Pea Soup Andersens.....all of the way from Idaho, we were....and man oh man...was this ever 'THE' place to stop! Happy FD.

Rachel said...

You know, although not a fan of peas, pea soup is not that bad, especially if you make it with....


Carolyn said...

I hate to say it, but I don't think you or your dad make very convincing Vikings. Extremely cute, but not too menacing. Happy Father's Day to your dad who raised a brilliant son!

Christopher said...

Love the pics! Oh, what your dad must go through with you! ha!

"Just David!" said...

that's hysterical, the pics are great!!