Wednesday, August 27, 2008

busy... very busy.

I am busy.

I am working for a retailer cleaning out their visual's warehouse. No one could pay me enough to do this. It's filthy. It's labor intensive. So why am I there? They promised there would be "free shit" as things get cleared out.

So far, a modest amount has made it home with me.

The other reason I am so interested in working there is a very good friend and former co-worker was flown out to help clean this warehouse. I really enjoy working with her. Enough to get dirty, that's how much I enjoy her.

But in the meantime, my regular work needs to get done. So I am working at home at night, and then a little in the morning to get caught up on email. Then I go do labor at the warehouse. Afterwards its home to empty out the truck into the garage of the days haul. Later, you will find me at the computer trying to get caught up on work again.

In the middle I've added things like "dinner" and "class at gym" and let's not forget "walking the dogs" and "crying in pain" just to be certain I am good and exhausted. I am looking forward to the long weekend. I have zero plans. Blissful zero plans.


Lewis said...

What? Tell me it ain't actually took a job for "free shit"??? Sucker.

Lewis said...

Oh, and just one more thing...I'm in LUVE with the berries in the header.

Rachel said...

Hope it's good stuff!

"Just David!" said...

I'd have flown out to help with that!! I love free stuff, and even more so when it's been in hiding for years!! Especially from a visual's warehouse!! OMG, you must be like a kid in a very old dusty candy store! HA!! Email me next time and I'll come help!! Tell me there were at least some costumes and we're gonna need pics of the free stuff!!!

The T-Dude said...

You're doing nothing? See if you lived out here you could go to the real county fair with us. Cows, rabbits, horses, pigs, grilled corn, carny people, pork sandwiches and demolition derby. And you haven't lived until you've seen a 7 year-old's face as a car smashes into another one and the engine starts on fire.

Ahhhhh, good times.