Thursday, August 21, 2008

Unspectacular Me(me)

I can't believe it, wait, yes I can, I've been tagged by The T-Dude. I really think it may have been a passive aggressive move to just beat his wife to the punch. Everything okay over there kids?

1. Link the person that tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following blogger's by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

The problem is, everything about me is so spectacular! Anything dull or boring is not worth noting. But is the spirit of going along, I will attempt.
  1. I am a night person. Not a morning person. I like the house all quiet at the end of the day with no one needing anything (and that generally means no dogs needing anything either.) I get this from my parents who are in their 70's and stay up later than me (well past 2 am).
  2. Every ounce of stress in my life is kept neatly in one location on my body. In my shoulders. I believe my entire family keeps theirs in the same spot. Is that hereditary?
  3. I hold a grudge. I may move on, but I NEVER forget.
  4. I am afraid of the phone. Wait, is that spectacular or unspectacular? I don't like to answer the phone. I don't like to call people. Caller ID is a godsend. Text messaging is my life.
  5. As Barbie was once programmed to say, "Math is hard. Let's go shopping!" For some odd reason I am unable to do any math in my head unless it involves % off at a store. And then I really only need to be close-ish to the right answer because I'm just trying to figure out if its gotten low enough for me to buy it.
  6. I don't sleep on airplanes. If I'm going to fall asleep it needs to be during takeoff. That's when I am most at bliss. But once I wake up during the flight, I just stay awake. I generally read at least one book per flight.
I won't tag anyone. I never liked chain letters. Fell free to tag yourself however.


Sherri said...

Except for the grudge part (old age helps) you could be my twin. I'm not sure if that helps on the spectacular part. But I hate the phone. HATE.

You, however, I adore.

Jim said...

You only adore me because I never phone. I promise I won't start now.

dit said...

Very interesting quirks you have. I too am afraid of the phone. Like you. Text is my friend too. 8-)

Rachel said...

Phones are evil. Necessary, but evil. Not sure how to get around this when working on getting more business.....

The T-Dude said...

I have a very hard time sleeping on planes. It usually requires Ambien and liberal amounts of scotch to get me to snooze on a flying tin can in the sky.

Sherri said...

That you never phone, and your tiara. You know I lust for you in a tiara.

TheHMC said...

Mmm.. I'm a night person too. You would probably have a heart attack if you spent even an hour in my house in the evenings. It's, um, rather loud. I usually end up staying up way too late just because I'm happy to finally have a block of quiet time to myself-which always leads to me not getting up on time the next morning.

Oh, and Caller ID RULES!

Off to check out your book list.

Carolyn said...

Well, I read this list of yours a few days ago and immediately forgot everything on it because everything was so unspectacular. So, I just re-read it. However, I read your book list first and I haven't stopped laughing from that so this list seemed much more spectacular upon my second reading. In any case, I just did my up-spec list if you would like to check it out.