Friday, August 01, 2008

En Bas le Trou de Lapin (Down the Rabbit Hole)

Hold all my calls. Disconnect the doorbell. Put the dogs behind a gate in a different room. I'm going to be a while here.

Via the every fashionable blog of Frontier Psychiatry, I was directed to the Hermes website last night. I fell into the rabbit hole.

First off, I love Hermes. I have made the pilgrimage to the flagship at 24 rue faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris.
Where I purchased my first Hermes purchase. An Hermes Orange leather ring with a silver H on it. When they asked me if I wanted it gift wrapped I answered emphatically "Yes." And when they asked if I would like just a small register receipt or a larger multiple carbon receipt I answered, "Both." Then when I asked if I could just slide the antique leather desk set with card holder off the register area and into my bag, they told me, "Sadly, I can not allow that. It used to sit on the desk of M. Hermes when the company first began." All in her perfectly lovely French accent and so sweet to me. I thought I would wet myself. Luckily we were just behind the Hôtel de Crillion and as that was our next stop, I could sit down and unwrap my gift to myself.
Please note the ring, the Hermes Bag, the gift box just under my hand which is holding a glass of Tattinger champagne and the clever placement of the Hôtel de Crillon ashtray in the background.

I was hooked. I obsessed over all things Hermes and when we moved I took the bag the ring came in and got paint tinted to match and that is the color of our dining room.

I was already in major obsession mode over acquiring an Hermes Belt when I noticed this in Legally Blonde The Musical:
Can you see Warner Huntington III's belt?
It's Hermes.

And so I sprang into full obsession mode and a few months later I bought:
It lives in its box in a very special drawer where no dogs can find it or touch it. It does not travel in checked baggage. If it does travel it rides in a felt bag in my carry on. It is reversible black or orange. It gets worn whenever I can find a reason. Mostly in black. I am often trying to build an outfit around the orange side.

All of this is still just the lead up to discovering the Hermes Corporate website tonight.
Each photo is an interactive site all unto itself.
#1 download your own Kelly Bag pattern. Print it out and build one at home.
#2 master glove maker. Unbelievably talented.
#3 cologne ad. HOT.
And on, and on, and on...

There is even a site that leads you to window shop the world of Hermes store by store in foreign locales, which is how I found this window display in Bahrain. And now I must have an Hermes Orange Eiffel Tower for my own home. I will clear a space for it tonight.
So this is where I will be for a few hours tomorrow. Exploring each and every zone of the website. Square by square. My heart racing with each glimpse of the signature orange. My mouth watering over the luxury of the craft. My eyes misting up over the possibility of selecting my next desired object...

Oh, by the way, it's this:
It will match the blue ring I bought in Hawaii a couple of years ago. And since I've already got the buckle, I just need the leather belt. I am on a mission!


Lyle said...

oh no!!!

peter said...

Their collection makes a man greedy, love it!

dit said...

Hermes produces the most amazing things. I often visit their website and enjoy the whimsical illustrations that compliment the simplicity and luxury known as Hermes. Nice choice for a post and some nice selections you have made. Carry on Jim, carry on! 8-)

jason said...

Wasn't that the store that denied entrance to Oprah?
More reason to love!

Rachel said...

Oh my! Just remember to come up for air and water.

"Just David!" said...

Ok, orange is so my color and I've been avoiding it for months but Hermes is across the street, literally, closer to my front door than where I park my car. Now, I'll have to walk over and get THAT belt. Haven't been in there in years, it must be time!!

Michael Guy said...

Dears, when y'all visit I am a tall latte walk-n-sip from HERMES/Chicago' Oak Street. Naturally we'll have to pass through BARNEYS to get there.

FYI; Did I mention the NEW BARNEYS that will open pre-holidays? Much, much bigger space. Me likey already!

And I hear you about the separate, felt bags for designer belts; all VERSACE and D&G ride with moi. In ECONOMY...but we're together.

Michael Guy said...

OH! Fyi: "24 Faubourg" was Princess Diana's signature scent.

The T-Dude said...

I guess it is a sad statement on my own value system when I say that the only object I own, besides my wedding ring, that I hold so dear is my Jim Kaat autographed baseball.

Jules said...

Umm... so what you're trying to say here is that you've got an unhealthy Hermes obsession? ;OP

landis smithers said...

le sigh.

i think you deserve the blue belt. if only for showing us all la tour eiffel in orange.

oh, and tell michael guy that my friend runs the barney's in chicago, and the new store is going to be INSANE.