Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let's play doctor! (ages 2+)

Does this seem inappropriate?

Or does my mind just "go there"?

"My first Doctor Kit"

"Ages 2+"

Who wants to play doctor!?

As seen at Target.


Silly Billy said...

It's just you sweetie ;)

Sherri said...

I didn't get MY first doctor's kit until I was 5 -- same year I got my Minnie Mouse wrist watch. It did NOT come with a teddy bear. I think the plastic doctor's case was yellow, too.

Yeah, you. Unless there are things do be done with teddy bears I don't want to know...

Anonymous said...

I so love that you posted this... we are going to our first bday party that my daughter was invited to. So exciting. Gives me a great idea for the 3 year old.

However it's disturbing that kids this age would want to "play doctor"

I think everyones mind "goes there"

Rachel said...

I remember a black plastic old fashioned doctor's bag. Gramma probably picked it up at a garage sale for us.

And of course our minds all go there. Kids are curious and want to know how things work, especially THOSE things.

Michael Guy said...

This makes me sad, cuz, I never got to play 'doctor' when I was a kid.

Mostly I just played "show me your wiener" with the kid who lived next door.

Molly said...

That take me back to game of spin the bottle in "someone's" garage


landis smithers said...

i too was excited by the title. until i saw the age. sigh.

Life Of An Emt said...

Lmao no the mind just goes there. I had the black bag with all its goodies and band aids that I forgot all about until I seen your post wow that was a long time ago.