Monday, October 20, 2008

Yo, Ho!

I am a Polo Pirate.

There, I said it. They say admitting it is the first step. Who are we kidding? I have no intention of quitting!

I fell in love with the über-glam of Ralph Lauren Polo's take on the whole pirate motif a year or more ago. I didn't buy it then. Too gauche. Too new. Too "too". Instead I treated myself to a near-Polo Pirate item of a skull and cross-bone toiletries bag for travel.

Lyle did me one better and got me the Polo Pirate umbrella!

But I stopped. Taken too far and a minor obsession can become a fetish and suddenly you're known as the weird "Pirate guy" behind your back.

Then last Spring I found the Polo Pirate flip flops. On sale. I had to. Michael Guy threatened to make me walk the plank as he was having the same obsession in Chicago and we were starting to overlap. Pirate twins? No thank you.

Then I recently came into the possession of a 30% off coupon for Polo merchandise (including Rugby by Polo) and online purchases. I may have gotten carried away.
Go ahead. Take in a deep breath. Let it out while you slowly shake your head in disbelief. Who knew there was so much to be had! I found the treasure!

However I make this solemn vow to you now: I will never wear them all together. (seriously, flip flops with a bow tie in the rain? As if!)


peter said...

All together it would make a great outfit for Hallowe'en!

Rachel said...


"Just David!" said...

It's all good but I'm still trying to figure out why you wouldn't wear a bowtie and flip-flops in the rain. When I read that line, I mentally went to a rainy day in St. Barth's and visualized a party invitation in my hand. I think you're limiting yourself, dream bigger! HA!

jason said...

I do rather like the shirt.

landis smithers said...


i just saw a tee shirt that read:

my other tee shirt has a skull.

kid you not.