Friday, October 24, 2008

Summer round up

Well, summer is almost over. It was only 98˚ yesterday and at night I have to wear shoes. Sad days indeed.
As I was clearing a camera memory card off, I came across these photos I took during the height of crazy bird days here in my back yard. (Most photos will embiggen nicely if you click on them.)

Now we are just at the point of regular bird days.

How many birds can you find in the fig tree?

Don't cheat.

Keep counting.

And that's just the ones that fit nicely in the camera viewfinder...

Let's not forget the squirrels. We chased one out from under the bird feeder this morning... okay, Cooper chased it. I didn't even see it until Cooper made it move (quickly) up that tree.

(sigh) I haven't seen a hummingbird in weeks.


Sherri said...

yeah, the hummies are gone here, too, and I need to take the feeder down until next spring.


Rachel said...

Those are some good pics. I do miss having a garden and bird feeders. I thought I counted 10 birds, but I think the 10th was a dead leaf or something.

Michael Guy said...

THAT hummingbird snap is most awesome!

landis smithers said...

you are such a nature lover. and a naturist.

Carolyn said...

The Chicago forecast said we might have snow today. Snow. Today. It's not even Halloween yet.

dit said...

Great photos. I love how summer never really leaves our face here in Southern California. It can be mostly gone, but never truly leaves completely. Every now and then, as you know, we will get an 80 or 90 degree day.