Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cleaning out my protest folder 01

Here is an online site that seeks donations to fund the legal battle to Invalidate Prop 8. For every $5 you donate, they will send a postcard to the president of the Mormon Church to let him know that a donation has been made by you in his name. We have donated $100 to send him 20 postcards. I know of another very generous donor who has sent him 1000 postcards. These donations are through a charitable organization and are tax deductible.

My mom is a mother. And as such has been concerned about her son marching in the streets (thanks Mom!). I have reassured her that I am always cautious and courteous. In fact, may I just mention that I have never seen such a nice and polite mob chanting in the streets? We follow our leaders, we try to not litter, we park only where legal, and I am consistently giddy over how polite we are to one another in the crowd. "You go first." "Pardon me." That's great sign, and I love your shirt." "What a cute baby!" "Sorry." "Would you like some gum?"

I've been reluctant to post photos of me out protesting because I don't think this a "me" thing. It's so much bigger than me. But her is a shot of of some hot guy who got dressed to look like a respectable Mormon to protest at the Temple. Gosh he looks familiar. Also please note how conservative he wore his hair.

But just for those three anarchists who think we should go all WTO in Seattle, here are some helpful tips from the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center:
  • The police are not our enemy. Top city officials support our cause, including the mayor, the city attorney and the heads of the police and sheriff’s department. They are doing their job to protect you and the community. Individual police officers, however, may occasionally act in ways that are not in accordance with what the top brass wants. If you have concerns about police treatment, please contact the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s Legal Services Department: 323-993-7670
  • Don’t attack reporters. We've heard disturbing reports about a few people verbally assaulting the press. By and large, the media in Los Angeles cover LGBT-related issues fairly and responsibly. Please discourage people from showing hostility to reporters. If you read or see stories you think are not fair or balanced, please send an email to
  • Be smart about signs! Creative signs generate press attention, but signs that attack any group of people or contain foul language may not help our cause. Prop. 8 passed by a slim margin of people, most of whom don’t hate LGBT people, but were misled by a deceptive advertising campaign. Signs that position all supporters of Prop 8 as people who hate us may not help our cause.
I loved this sign.

And then there is the Petition to ask the IRS to review the Mormon Church's tax exempt status. There is a clause in the code of tax exemption that claims that to maintain an organization's tax exempt status
They must not devote a substantial part of their activities to attempting to influence legislation.
Let me say right off that I did sign the petition. I also support free speech. I believe the Mormon church can say whatever it thinks it needs to AS LONG AS THEY PAY THEIR TAXES. If you want to be tax free and enjoy the benefits of that status, then SHUT THE HELL UP. Get it? Free speech isn't free. You'll have to pay taxes just like any other lobbying group in Washington DC.

All that said, its not an area I will be putting any more effort into. I have bigger fish to fry.

And finally, if you or someone you know is angry enough there is a place where you can register your name as someone who is resigning from the Mormon Church. Vote with your voice. Vote with your feet.


dit said...

We will join you at some of the rallies. Keep it up my friend.

Sherri said...

i resigned from the Mormon Church some 22 years ago, and I only wish I could do it all over again. It was one of the more freeing decisions I've made in my life. At least I got out before they starting indoctrinating me with the underwear.

Rachel said...

This is a great resource page with all the links. Thanks for taking the time to post all this.