Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We're here. We're queer. We're taking over Sunset!

I went out tonight to perform my civic duty as an extra in the No on Prop 8 post election rally. So many things are swirling through my brain and I am certain I can't make much sense of it all, but I will dutifully vomit it all on the page and let you make the journey with me.

I went to West Hollywood tonight with my friend Ellys. Lyle couldn't go, too depressed.

I expected nothing. What can a post election rally do for me? It can't heal me, I am too pissed off. It isn't going to teach me anything new, I sat all day in front of the computer today.

But I can do something. I can show up. I can be the 2001st person in a sea of 3000 people so that the news helicopter will take our pictures and tell everyone who watches that what has happened is wrong.

So I showed up.

True to form, the West Hollywood sheriff's department was very efficient, organized and polite. (Thank you!!!) And I think we all knew going in to this that at some point the protesters would take over the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente.

Seen in the crowd, Rikki Lake and Chastity Bono.
Trust me, that is Chastity Bono in the brown, in the center, at the bottom of the picture.

After the speeches the crowd surged towards the boulevard. The street was closed off and a police car was just ahead on Santa Monica to escort the "angry mob" on a little tour and bring them back. Exercising your first amendment and working off some steam. All planned nice and tidy.
But the mob was pissed and took off straight up San Vicente towards Sunset Blvd. (audible gasp) SHOCK!!!

As we marched down Sunset I could hear inside my twisted mind, "We're here! We're Queer! We taking over Sunset!" That's not what was actually said. But c'mon, protesting for equality in West Hollywood?

Yeah! Let's trash our own neighborhood! Let's piss off and inconvenience everyone who already supports us! But the people in the cars and the people on the street were amazingly supportive. Honking, waving, shouting and holding out their "No on 8" signs.

The crowd was chanting STOP THE HATE! angrily. Ironically. Then someone in a car yelled "Fag!" at someone and was suddenly surrounded. I could see how easily that car could have been rolled over. But wasn't. STOP THE HATE, EXCEPT FOR THAT ASSHOLE!

We marched all the way down Sunset Blvd to Crescent Heights. The leading police escort turned down and the group rebelled. Stopping traffic at another major intersection and refusing to budge.

Most of the group finally followed. One faction peeled off and went to Hollywood & Highland. I went with the group who didn't wear their hiking shoes, towards home.

The news is making all sorts of sensationalistic claims. That the protest turned violent. ONE protester didn't do exactly as the LAPD shouted and was summarily beaten to the pavement by three police officers.

I don't know where all this is headed.

I'm tired.

I cried tonight in the middle of a street.

I want my life back.

I want my rights back.
On the right, iconic hotel Chateau Marmont.
On the left, ironic billboard states, "As History Unfolds, Don't Miss a Minute."

Tomorrow there is to be a press conference to confront the Mormon leadership on all the lies and hate they spread during this ugly campaign. It is a t 2:00 at the Mormon Temple on Santa Monica near Westwood.

I'll be there.


dit said...

OMG! Jim, we were there too! Congrats on going my friend. Perhaps we marched together? lol

dit said...

Jim, We were sort of in the middle, towards the San Vicente side, between sherrifs and citibank. We marched up San Vicente and down Sunset, then down Crescent Heights. I guess in the middle, we could not see the begining or end. My better half is considering going to the thing at the temple today also.

I think it is interesting, if you look at our photos, almost from the same place. lol Great minds think alike. Hang tough!

Rachel said...

I've decided to start voting with my money. From now on any financial decisions are going to begin with, "do you support equality in marriage?" and I will spend my money according to their answer.

Considering much of the funding for Yes on 8 was from out of state, I've decided to write my representatives. If a sovereign state is deciding a constitutional issue, it should be against the law to accept funds from outside the state.

Chris said...

Rock on, boys! Kick their asses!

Carolyn said...

I was listening to the radio on Wednesday and happened across a Christian station right when they were about to start the news. The lead story was about No on 8 and how gay marriage was defeated. I almost puked. So, I went home and sent that station a scathing email about how I believed that were Jesus Christ here today He would be performing gay marriage ceremonies and that the hypocrisy of their judgemental newcast goes against all the Christian teachings about how only God can judge. I was pissed. I know it was a benign gesture as the powers that be at the radio station will just read it and begin praying for me and my misguided beliefs. However, I know I am right.
So, it's official...
I hate hypocrisy and love gays.

The T-Dude said...

Give'em hell Jim! This sH#t isn't over yet. Lawsuits, constitutional challenges, the full nine yards. I am embarrassed for Cali, but proud of you for standing up and continuing the fight. Don't give up!

Christina said...

I would've so been right there marching with the crowd.

I am so sickened by this. I am sad for all of my friends.

I really hate that people were so misinformed on this prop, and scared. I never in my life learned about marriage in school I learned it from my church, my parents etc. If the main supporting church was so strong they would've had NO FEAR that their children would be taught in a way that they didn't like.

ha, I see the dudes on the bikes - you know who they are... I seen two of them practically kissing :) not so smug now are you church.

Stay Strong!