Saturday, November 01, 2008

I am in Bellingham celebrating my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary!

I once voiced to my mother, some unhappiness I was having in a relationship. I said I was so angry that I could just pack it all up and walk out the door.

"Don't go just because your angry," said my mother.

What? I should wait until I'm deliriously happy and then leave? I replied sarcastically, Who would leave then?

"Uh-huh..." hummed my mother.

But if you can't leave just because your pissed off, and you'd be a fool to leave because things are making you happy... then what? You can just NEVER leave?

"Ah-ha..." said my mother.

Well that's not fair. There must be some reason that would allow you to leave, I spluttered. I was, after all, pretty unhappy and looking for any excuse.

"Leave because you don't feel anything at all." came my mother's advice, "if you're mad, that means you still care, if you're happy then things are working. But if you feel nothing, then it's done. And that is the only time you should leave."

I'm still with him past 19 years now. My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary.

She's kind of a smart lady, that mother of mine.

Vote No on Prop 8, November 4th!


dit said...

sounds like some very good advice from a more than wise woman. Congratulations on the 50 years and to you on your 19 years. 8-)

dit said...

Ok, I'm back. What a great video. Did you put that together? Very nicely done. 8-)

You said...

I love that advice!

The only problem is that I never seem to find a boy to stick around long enough to want to leave him...

jason said...

wow...that's the best thing I've read in quite a while.
God bless her.