Friday, November 07, 2008

I had a life...

And I still have a life.

This past week I keep telling myself that I will stop with all the politics. After the election... after the protest... after the bigger protest... after Saturday?

My life is so much more than just being gay. My life is so much more than just being married. And yet...

The goal of this last round of hateful (and oh how the opposing side is stung by being called hateful) propaganda has revealed the true core of what "they" want. It all came down to "what if we had to tell the children that two people of the same sex could marry? What if the children found out it was OK to be gay? And the unspoken half is, because obviously it's not. Every time our loving family sees a gay person we demand out children look away in horror and we shout that they are Satan on earth and they will burn in hell.

Excellent parenting skills there.

But 52% of Californians bought that bat shit crazy idea and now I can't help but look around and wonder who wishes I would go away. That is the ultimate goal. To silence me. Shove me in a closet and not force my "lifestyle" into their line of sight. How large a jump is it from this line of reasoning to being forced to wear an armband or declare my status on a form so I can't be found where I might be near those precious children?

It's obscene.

I don't care one bit for all the platitudes that "they" give about how they don't hate, the don't discriminate, love the sinner not the sin or any other bullshit excuse they can come up with to cover their unbelievably disgusting ugly hate. Their actions speak louder than their words.

I don't feel better after I march in the street. I don't feel better after handing out leaflets to voters. I don't feel better after posting photos or even writing this blog post.



You said...

You go, Gurl! And maybe one day we'll have a Gay President and his First Gentleman voted into the White House!

A Lewis said...

Hey man, I love your attitude. A lot. Keep your chin up and smile big. And then kick 'em in the nuts!

Rachel said...

Glad you're okay.

And might I add to others cruising by to go to the following sites to help support this cause:

Rachel said...

Write your congresspeople, besides signing a petition. And vote with your dollars. Don't support people who support bigotry.

dit said...

You go Jim. My Partner, some friends and I feel the same. I agree, it all boils down to respect, the "Yes" voters want it. But do not wish to give it.

See you at the rallies my friend. 8-)

Big hug and a punch in the arm.

Anonymous said...

Honey Chil’,

NO ONE can silence you or make you hide in a closet. Your light just shines!!!…Bright, Bright, Bright. So don’t let these bigots make you spend one second wondering what they may be thinking. As you said…it is all just bat shit.

Just remember religion is just brain washing, started at an early age. You could almost feel sorry for them if they weren't such butt heads.

This is not the end, just a BS set back.

Much love to you and Lyle,

Michael Guy said...

YOU are MY role model!


Plus, you're probably the best-dressed protester taking it to the streets. Just saying...

landis smithers said...

tim and i stood in the rain for seven hours when newsom first held gay marriages in san francisco, and were crushed when it was a few weeks later overturned.

that was five years ago.

so while this may seem like a re-run, realize that it is a rapid escalation, and that the momentum has not stopped. can not be stopped.