Monday, November 03, 2008

I showed this little "blooper reel" to my family this weekend.

I'm sure I'm in big trouble for showing it here.

But I posted it anyway, didn't I?

Just part of what makes me fascinating...

Vote No on Prop 8, November 4th!


dit said...

Very cute. You have done a great job with the photos Jim. You can be in charge of my photos anytime. 8-)

"Just David!" said...

that's brilliant!
How could they not love it?

EXSENO said...

Well I hope they're not mad at you,
cause I loved it.
You executed it beautifully and the music was a great bonus. Thanks

Carolyn said...

That was hilarious. If I was the one in the black bathing suit laying out in the sun, however, I would kill you.
I particularly liked the photo of Scott (right?) with his head up the statue's ass.
Oh, and I agree...wigs are hysterical.

Chris said...

You're grounded!