Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beam me

So while Lyle and I are setting up a trade show booth at the convention center downtown, we are having a friend do some "detail work" on the house. You know that long list of stuff you really want to get done but never seem to get to? We out-sourced.

First stop was the beams in the living room. From all white to painted brown.

Odd, Cooper is in the same spot every time I take a photo of this room... You can still see the ladder in the house because there's more to do!


A Lewis said...

I hope he took down the Christmas tree while he was there.

Michael Guy said...

Yes, aren't you pushing Christmas a tad early?

I kid! LOVE the painted beams...don't you think they just kick it all up a notch painted dark?! Love the look.

Rachel said...

I'm a fan!