Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I freely confess...

I have been OBSESSED with Gucci for some time now.

It started last Thanksgiving when I was Christmas shopping (for myself) and found a pair of striped pants. I was at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills and they didn't have my size. They also didn't even have the pants at the Gucci store on Rodeo Drive. They did however, have my size at the Neiman's in the Topanga Mall, but since they were very new, none of the places I went had them on sale and I am an alleged fugal shopper.

We went to Vegas and the Barney's in the Venetian had my pants in my size at full price. I was cranky and I wanted shopping therapy. I visited those pants every day we were in Las Vegas. But they never went on sale.

Two weeks ago, a friend tipped me off to a "one day sale" at Barney's. I went in as all good shoppers do, the day before. I found my pants. I tried on my pants. I asked if my pants would be on sale tomorrow and the answer came back "Yes. 40% off."

I bought my pants.
I also bought a pair of shoes.
They were 40% off and I always need a pair of black loafers, I told myself.

There was a matching belt that I did NOT purchase that day. I wanted to, but I thought, no. It would be too matchy and over the top. I walked away. I did not buy that belt. I did not need that belt. I walked away.

Then last weekend while in Seattle I was in the Gucci boutique when a sales person came up and said, "Has anyone told you about our sale that starts tomorrow?"

And my reply was, "Not yet. Show me which belts."
It arrives on Thursday.


Julie said...

Not sure what I think of the pants, but the shoes and belt are HAWT!!! I can see why you would buy those. But, like you (must be in the family) I do my best to wait for the sale and then go on a spending spree - my weakness - SHOES!!! Okay, and, etc, etc. But mostly shoes!

jason said...

I *LOVE* those shoes!

ophelia said...

love the shoes. now if only i had the determination you have. ...the outlet malls in florida are great. A. it's too hot for cashmere, so it's always marked down to 90% off
B. no one under the age of 70 wears japanese designers


Rachel said...

Ummm.....Aren't like 75% of your shoes black loafers? ;-)

I do love the "On-Som-bleu" and of course, the story.

Michael Guy said...

Hi. My name is Jim and I'm a shopaholic.

dit said...

Hi, I love Michael's comment. I love Gucci too, although I do not own any.