Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Last weekend

So uh, it was quite the rollercoaster.

We had planned to go to Seattle for my (MUCH) older brother's 50th birthday party. Weekends with the family always get too packed so on purpose I try to leave a lot of "free time" that automatically gets eaten up with lunches, brunches and driving from place to place.

As we were packing I got word that my great aunt passed away. And now I would be taking something to wear to the memorial service.

It's one of those awful Broadway reviews, "I laughed! I cried! I ran the gamut of emotions!"

I was going to to do a dodge on all this and just post a very funny story about myself involving the church where the service was held. However, my iPhone did a big poopy crash and I lost whatever photos I had recently taken, so that story will have to come later.

I guess this post is here to share why I may be a little less wordy this week and to remind you to appreciate your family.
Uh, we don't normally all wear tropical wardrobe, but my (MUCH) older brother's birthday was themed, "Gary Five-O."


Stephen said...

I lived in beautiful Seattle for 20 years (81-01) & now when I visit I feel like a tourist. Thanks for sharing your trip & the whirlwind of emotions. I really enjoy your blog.

Rachel said...

San Juan Party!!!!!!