Friday, June 12, 2009

Seattle snippets

I uploaded some photos out of my camera (finally!) and here are some late photos from our quick tour of Seattle at the end of May.

From our room at the Fairmont Olympic,
we could see the Olympic mountains.

Cupcakes from the Yellow Leaf Bakery.

Two things that make this more interesting. I found out about this via the Seattle Stranger "Slog". My family in Seattle found it funny that I know more about what's going on in Seattle than they do, because I read the Slog every day.

The other interesting tidbit is I am a bit of an experienced cupcake hunter. A friend of mine in Los Angeles wrote an article on the cupcake craze and where to find great cupcakes in Los Angeles. It took a lot of dedication, but I helped her sample many, many cupcakes.

My verdict is, DELICIOUS. I would go back. They are not over the top, huge, or overly fancy. They taste like the BEST cupcake you ever had in grade school when someone's mom brought them in for a birthday. Cake-light and airy. Frosting-Italian butter cream that literally melts on your tongue.

Working the outdoor runway on our way to the airport.

The weekend was overly filled with way too many things and I regret not being able to call friends and fit in more visits. I apologize. Lyle and I were both really drained by the end of the weekend. I remember taking more naps than usual at the hotel. On the plus side, I was really working that Hermes belt.


Michael Guy said...

Now I want a damn cupcake!!!

Rachel said...

Yum! Those look nummy!

jason said...

"like the BEST cupcake you ever had in grade school when someone's mom brought them in for a birthday"

Perfect way to describe the perfect cupcake.

The T-Dude said...

I love cupcakes...