Sunday, August 16, 2009

Big Girl Weekend, Big Finale

Ah Sunday, day of rest for some, but not if you're visiting from out of town.

We started at the Farmer's market in West Hollywood. Gathering supplies for the evening's meal. Then we dropped Lyle off at home to cook, and I took our guests to see the tacky tourist sights of Hollywood.
Like three goddesses waiting for fame to rain upon them.

At the Chinese theater Dorothy found the hand prints of Dorothy Lamour, for whom she was named.

The view from Hollywood and Highland. Yes, there were other photos where the elephant was on someone's head. But this one shows the Hollywood sign way back there in the distance.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Lyle was prepping dinner. Lyle had originally planned cocktails and nibbles with a large guest list. Then in the middle of my inviting people, he changed his mind and decided to cook a sit down meal. I stopped inviting people, we only have so many chairs. And that is how it became an intimate dinner party for 12.
On the menu, lamb shanks, marinated in herbs for two days.

Roasted beet, avocado and lump crab salad.

A toast to the chef (and sous chef - Cindy).
Did I forget to mention the foie gras macaroons on the table?

Lamb shank, roasted potatoes and an orange with tomato salad. Tomatoes naturally from our own garden.

Almond financier cake topped with brown sugar and butter grilled peaches with just a small scoop (or two) of ice cream.

Lyle seems pretty happy and only slightly overwhelmed.

I find it odd yet so delightful that I enjoy all these ladies as much as I do. Who would guess that you can mesh so seamlessly with people you didn't grow up with and don't get to see nearly often enough. I begged all of them to return as soon as possible and also offered to kidnap them and not let them leave. But all highs get followed by a low and the next day everyone departed for the airport. My house has been so quiet. Is this how my parents feel after all of us descend upon them and then leave?

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A Lewis said...

Promise me that when this Big Gurl comes to visit, we'll get to have those potatos and tomato salad..... and do the tacky tourist things too.