Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Palm's Hotel, Resort, Casino and Location

My work has a lot of "interesting" aspects to it. This week it took me to Las Vegas and the Palms Resort, Hotel & Casino. We were given a full tour of everything you've ever heard or possibly seen of on TV and in print. I'll be honest, MY FEET ARE TIRED.

We started off in "The Real World" Suite.So much went on in that bathroom area on TV. I was surprised at how small the suite is (it's actually HUGE, but looks even bigger on TV). I would go mental living for 6 months with 8 people confined to that size of space. I sometimes go mental living in twice that much space with just one other person.

Oh, and yes, I stepped into "the confessional" and whispered under my breath, "I hate those guys so much..." (just for fun).

Onward and most assuredly UPward we went to Ghostbar. The most dramatic feature of this bar on the 55th floor is the large deck that juts out from the building that has a large Plexiglas window in the floor:
You can see the pool below! Not only could Lyle not stand on top of the window, he also would not let me stand on top of the window, nor let me tap dance near the window and finally made us all go inside away from the window and the deck itself. (by the way, note my FABULOUS shoe!)

Changing towers we entered the "Crib Suite". One of it's features is a bed on hydraulics that mimics the motion you can get out of a "low-rider" car.
I greatly appreciated the chain-link pattern stenciled onto the floor.

In the "Hardwood Suite" the grand feature is the full size basketball court. However, after spending a couple of days last January working on a party in this suite I have to show you my favorite part:
Basketball skin walls. This stairway to the upper level bedroom, pool table and media room is covered in the same leather they use to make basketballs. Its stellar!

Obsessed with textures and colors?
Crocodile leather-like wallpaper covers the walls downstairs in the elevator lobby.

We changed buildings again to tour Palms Place, a hotel, spa and condo project attached to the Palms.
I think I am in NEED of a gold leather chair. NEED!

The view from the 58th floor penthouse tower manages to make the Palms Hotel towers look so small.
Lyle didn't spend a lot of time hanging out by the railing.

Sunset from our room at the Palms:
Evening descended and we took a tour of all the nightclubs open.

To see the views.

I swear we were in bed by eleven.

But before that...

Here's one you don't see every day.


dit said...

WOW! What a great tour. I've been to Vegas many times but never seen any of that. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

Wow! That must have been something!

The T-Dude said...

You and Lyle and me and my wife at Ghost Bar. You and I can tap dance on the glass and the two of them can make plans on how they are going to spend the insurance money when we plummet to our deaths.