Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big Girl Weekend, Out and Outer

Day 3, Saturday with out visitors, and we hit the beach.

All my pretties in a row.
Dorothy seems really flexible, doesn't she?

Beverly gives it her best Baywatch.

Cindy shows us how they make those bathing beauty photos.

Lyle gets tossed about in the surf.

I bought that safety orange swimsuit at the outlet mall the day before. You'll be sure to find me when I am swept out to sea.

I kept hoping for a wave to douse them all, but they wouldn't go in deep enough.

Home from the beach and after a frenzied tour of the Grove shopping mall, we are dressed and ready for dinner out.
That's right, I pulled out the Gucci pants. And the belt. And the shoes.

Can you guess where we went?
To Jar!

Just after dinner.
I think we should have had them clear the plates from the table first.

Then one of us went home and four of us went out. I wonder which group I will be in....


This is fairly early in the evening...

This is perhaps in the middle of the evening?

Dorothy desperately wanted to meet or see celebrities. So of course it was Beverly who met Wilson Cruz (and his deep V-neck posse).

Dorothy did get to meet a drag queen. She was most relieved to discover that they look nothing alike.

Coming in to the home stretch and its water, water, water. Time to rehydrate and prepare for waking up tomorrow already.

I was going to say that this photo pretty much sums it up. But that would be a lie. They were many other photo that really summed up the evening, but they involved shirtless guys, strippers getting tipped and a lot more glasses filled with delicious beverages. What can I say? I like these ladies and want them to return. So sorry, no photos.

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A Lewis said...

I want a close up of that orange suit.....