Friday, August 14, 2009

Canadian Invasion

There is a group of women that Lyle went through school with that get together about every other year. A few years ago Lyle was invited to join them in Vancouver. I dubbed it "the Big Girl Weekend".

It is strictly a girl's only, no spouses or children event. Except me. I'm one of the girls. Don't ask for the reasoning, just accept it. I do, and it makes me very happy.

This year's event was long in the making and it took place in a most fabulous setting... OUR HOUSE! Our three guests arrived and our rollercoaster weekend took off.

An aside to Michelle, Angie and (wherever you are) Venita, you were missed and we did have enough space for all of you. You guys are going to have to bring it extra hard next time.

Day 1, arrivals. I cooked lobster risotto, with a cherry tomato salad (from our garden naturally) and then served store bought cupcakes for dessert (I only have so much time in my days people). There was an abundance of champagne.

Then, as these types of weekends often do, things spiraled off to the photos. Old and new.
Lyle, Dorothy, Beverly and Cindy digging through the box of Lyle's childhood.

Day 2, Up and out of the house for breakfast at Gladstone's in Malibu, followed by a drive up the coast to Camarillo and the outlet mall.

Gladstone's has some great vintage photos decorating the walls and beams. I think I saw some familiar faces in the old bathing beauties section...

Breakfast was delicious but we had no time to linger, that outlet mall wasn't going to shop itself!

Forgive me for the break in photos here. I have no photographic record of the shopping the Camarillo Outlet Mall. This happens. When I shop I forget everything else. I am a machine.

We re-join our Big Girl Weekend already in progress, having dinner at Marix.

Canadians love Mexican food. Probably because they can't get much of it at home. So we chose Marix to delight them. It helps that they have some seriously fantastic margaritas there as well. We arrived around 8 and we were seated just after 9.
Let's see... that time for at least one pitcher of margaritas before we even had food.

A few drinks (pitchers) more and we were having the time of our lives.

Things got a bit smoochy.

What can I say? There was a lot of love in the room.

Alright, keep your clothes on...

My favorite shot of the night, all five of us and some random stranger's finger. Even the finger doesn't ruin the photo.

After dinner we went home and talked more, looked at photos more, perhaps there was a drink or two more... perhaps there were more photos...

(okay, there were definitely more drinks and more photos - but I've made a promise to myself to keep this blog at least PG rated. All I can say is, Yes, those are lovely panties you girls bought at the Neiman Marcus outlet.)


Stephen said...

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Cindy said...

What a great story Jim!!!!Thanks for leaving out a few of the photos!!!!

Sherri said...

Damn, Jim, you know the coolest people.