Thursday, December 17, 2009

I love Paris in the winter?

You probably assume I love the sun and the summer. YOU ARE CORRECT! But I have always wanted to photograph Paris in the snow. We were there one early Spring and as we were packing it was cold and raining. SO cold that snow began to mix in with the rain. I stopped packing ans stated, "if this turns to snow, I will send you home and I am staying for an extra two days. I don't care what it costs." Lyle said, "of course you are." then it went completely to rain so I came home with him.

I've was gone last weekend and I am gone for a couple of days this coming weekend. But I considered changing my plans (darn that dad demanding to turn 80 on his actual birthday!) and flying to Paris yesterday. The weather report said snow. Snow for three days, a day of sun and then more snow. I want to go so badly!

The best part of living in California is knowing you can go visit any weather you want and then come home to sun, sun, and more sun. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I found these winter photos from OhLaLa Mag. I have added some of my other season travel photos to give you the contrast.

I have the perfect outfit for this winter scene!

Jardin du Luxembourg in April.

Jardin du Luxembourg in December.

Place de la Concorde in March.

Place de la Concorde in December.

The Tuilleries garden in front of the Louvre in April.

The Tuilleries garden in front of the Louvre now.

Its sunny and hot in front of the Eiffel Tower on a June afternoon.

Obviously a lot less sunny in front of the Eiffel Tower in December.


Michael Guy said...

I'd need some YSL furs to make this dream real to me...

jason said...


Christine said...

I was looking at the same weather report and thinking exactly the same thing! Could we both buy tickets and get a cheaper fare?

Rachel said...

Such a wimp am I. I feel the need to turn on the heater. Wait, it is 56, maybe I should turn on the heater.