Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Sung to “Jingle Bells”

Dashing through our lives
seems we have plans all day
O’er the weeks we go
Laughing all the way
Lola wants more treats
Cooper loves sunlight
Where do you want to travel this year
And what’s for food tonight?

Oh, Jim & Lyle, Jim & Lyle
Laying in the sun
Oh, what fun it is to see
how dark they have become
Jim & Lyle, Jim & Lyle
In Paris by the way
Oh, it’s not fun to see your
Visa bill with such dismay

A week or two ago
I put up ornaments
And soon my neighborhood
Dropped by to complement
This decor can not last
For soon we leave again
Vegas, San Juan, what the hell
I’d like to sleep, but when?

Oh, Jim & Lyle, Jim & Lyle
working far to much
but how to pay for flights and rooms,
shoes and belts and such
Jim & Lyle, Jim & Lyle
Dinner party you say?
Oh, what fun it is to eat
When Lyle cooks, shout “Hooray!”

Jim & Lyle, Jim & Lyle
Sending love your way
Oh, what fun it is to try
to sing this song this way
Jim & Lyle, Jim & Lyle
Saying with no fear
Merry Christmas everyone
and have a Happy New Year!


Stephen said...

Merry Christmas to Jim, Lyle & canines. Thanks for the great blog & the chance to get to know you a bit in 2009.

A Lewis said...

Lovin' y'all right back! Happy Day after.

"Just David!" said...

YOU are a riot!

Rachel said...

I love being able to spend time in Jim and Lyle's Christmas wonderland!