Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Countdown to Christmas 15 days

A Charlie Brown Christmas, 1965

I have a soft spot for Charlie Brown and Snoopy. One of my favorite Christmas TV specials is A Charlie Brown Christmas. The soundtrack is amazing, it's one of those rare albums you can put on repeat and not be annoyed with in 3 hours. In four hours, yes. But not in three.

Charlie Brown is not who i identify with in this show, I'm so much more a Snoopy. Over decorate, dance like no one is watching, swoop in at the end and sing along. Yeah, that was me as a kid.

I remember when children's Christmas specials were on CBS, you'd see this:

and then you'd shout, "HURRY!!! It's ON!!!" we didn't have Tivo back when I was a kid. You could only watch this special when it was "special". Just watch the first 20 seconds of this clip, and you will be reminded that for many years this special was sponsored by Dolly Madison.

After Charlie Brown came How the Grinch Stole Christmas. You had 2 minutes for everyone in the house to jump up, get more snacks, pee, get a drink, and then get back to your spot on the couch. "Mom! Gary stole my spot! That's my spot! Give me back MY SPOT! The show is starting! Shhhhhhh....."

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