Thursday, December 01, 2011

Please Christmas Don't Be Late

Countdown to Christmas 24 days

WOW. It's December. Even people who aren't big fans of Christmas and try to hold back have to admit that once the calendar flips to the word "DECEMBER" it officially Christmas season.

As a child I wanted Christmas to last FOREVER, but it never did. It's not just the decorations (although I do love a good "more is more" decor) and it's not the gifts (but i am still accepting them). For me, a lot of the enjoyment of the season comes from the heightened awareness people give to being kind to one another. This obviously doesn't apply to shopping mall parking lots.

In the past few years we have made a conscious effort to shop less. See people more, decorate like crazy, but what do any of of us need that we don't already have?

But I can't deny, I love this advertisement:

I was that kid. Although receiving presents was a huge a deal for me, I was really keen on the giving of the perfect gift that summed up everything I felt about a person over the course of a lifetime, purchased withing the limits of the $20 limit, that then needed to be received as the HOLY GRAIL of gift giving perfection.

That is one of the items that eventually drove me to seek therapy.

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Cheryl said...

Wonderful video. Really put me in the mood.