Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lady, You're no Ebeneezer

Countdown to Christmas 12 days

What is it about Christmas that requires me to watch the worst sappy sentimental TV shows?

Just last night I watched "12 Dates for Christmas" which was basically "Groundhog Day" set on Christmas Eve. Every show seems to have the same message, try again to get it right. Estranged from your father? It's not too late to drive to Christmastown and learn about Christmas. Hate your job? Do a feature story on some nutjob who thinks he is Santa and learn the true meaning of Christmas after you meet a handsome man while investigating Santa. Are you a criminal? There's still time to find the true spirit of Christmas and make amends.

Aside from the pure sentimental moments that make me weep (sometimes if they are really bad, I just fast forward to the end to get the predictable final scene and sniffle) I also enjoy figuring out where they are filmed, most often Vancouver, BC.

And then there is the entire genre of "A Christmas Carol" movies. Besides the ones that adhere to the original most closely but change out the actors, there are the comedies Scrooged; musicals, A Christmas Carol: The Musical; animated, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol and I don't know what category to place this one, A Muppet Christmas Carol)

Then there is a particularly fascinating sub-genre of the gender flip Christmas Carol. Susan Lucci in Ebbie (filmed in Vancouver), Vanessa Williams in A Diva's Christmas Carol (filmed in Montreal), Cicely Tyson in Ms. Scrooge (filmed in Toronto) and Tori Spelling in A Carol Christmas (filmed in Los Angeles).

Traditionally I watch one sappy Christmas movie a night during December, all by myself, after everyone has gone to bed. Be horrified.

A Diva's Christmas Carol preview

Susan Lucci in Ebbie

Tori Spelling in A Carol Christmas

Ms Scrooge starring Cicely Tyson

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