Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas Poem, 2011

Countdown to Christmas 3 days

Our annual Christmas Poem:

So much happens in a year
Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears
Time is fleeting, get my gist?
Yet still I try to make a list
Twitter, Facebook are we friends?
There’s still my blog, it never ends

One year we travel, the next stay home
We still went places, not far to roam
Vegas for work, and saw Kylie Minogue
To Washington and Canada, family to and fro

To Mammoth for skiing, (well that was just Lyle)
To Palms Springs for sunning, we were there quite a while
We liked it, we loved it, we went quite a lot
We hosted, we boasted, you should give it a shot

The Hollywood Bowl, the dancing, the singing,
Extravagant meals with friends worth repeating,
We’re creating a life that nurtures our spirit
Somehow it takes all our money to do it

Mr Cooper is happy, spoiled in every way
Lyle’s passing out treats like each day’s his Birthday
Our future looks bright, sometimes the views blinding
The new year brings promise of change, so exciting

It’s not all about money, fame or wealth
We’re thankful for humor, each other and health
We cherish the one’s we hold close and dear
Merry Christmas to all, and a happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. Love you all so much!

A Lewis said...

And the same good wishes back to you all. Merry merry ho ho ho!