Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bonjour Paris! - Monday

After flying overnight from all different points across Western North America, we started our day in our Marais apartment the best way I know how, with a photoshoot.
 Angie hasn't arrived, she will arrive on Tuesday.

We left the apartment and walked down into the heart of the Marais, in the rain.  As most people know I hate the rain.  But I often say, even in the rain, it's still Paris.

We stopped for lunch at Cafe Philosophers.
 Dorothy entertains Lyle at lunch.

Apres lunch, we took the Metro to Les Invalides, the home of the military museum and Napoleon's tomb.  Napoleon's tomb is under the GIANT GOLD dome.
 It was pouring rain.  I believe that this picture of the statue of Napoleon is probably how he felt most of his military career, cold and in the rain.
 The doors to Napoleon's tomb are so plain and unimpressive.  I'm kidding.  Can you believe that!?!

 Under the dome, on the inside
 The worship chapel inside the dome at Napoleon's tomb.
If you look closely, you can see Lyle there in his silver white motocross jacket, he's so Parisian.

After Les Invalides, we headed home.  And by "headed home" I mean that Lyle and Dorothy went directly home and Cindy, Bev, Dorothy and I went shopping at BHV.   By 5 pm, in my new Prada shoes... I was ready for a break, or rather my feet were ready for a break.

When we got home to our apartment, a gift had arrived, ANGIE!
 We went to L'Ambassade d'Auvergne for dinner.  Angie and I had the duck breast.

The specialty of the restaurant is traditional regional food and they are famous for their CHEESY garlic mashed potatoes. So Cheesy, they bring them out in the pan and demonstrate the stringy texture for you at your table.  I should mention, they are delicious.

 Dorothy seems suspicious of her liver.  Or is it the photographer?

 Cindy shows off her big sausage.

 Beverly had the Cod fish, which came with a light healthy salad.  Who invited her?

Since we are here celebrating birthdays, we chose last night to celebrate Venita's.  In celebration of her special day, she order an extravagant appetizer of lentils with bacon.  And nothing else.

 The beauty of the restaurant is that the lentils arrived in a large family style serving bowl and we were all able to have numerous helpings of the lentils, and the portions of our main courses were large enough to facilitate sharing, and still have leftovers.  But for me, the most important moment of the night still lay ahead... DESSERT.

The Mousse aux Chocolate is also served "family style" in a LARGE terrine.  I didn't eat it ALL by myself, but I promise you this: I TRIED!

On the way home we saw a very pointed piece of graffiti.  I share it with you as your thought for the day:


Rachel V. Olivier said...

I not only like this post, but I love this post. I HEART this post!

Cheryl said...

Bonjour. Love all the pictures.

Jules said...

You've managed to make me both hungry and horny. Good thing i'm seeing my boyf tomorrow.