Friday, April 20, 2012

Traveling (un) Light

I am packing for a 12 day trip to Paris and the French countryside.  I have worked diligently through the years to pare down what I take on vacations.  In the past I have always over packed.

There was my first trip to England where I took three bags, one large, one medium and one small.  Each one weighed 60 lbs.  My luggage weighed more than I did.  I never did wear that tuxedo. Yet I didn't learn the lesson either.

About 5 years ago we took a 5 day weekend trip to Puerto Rico.  I decided I did not want to wait for my luggage on the other end and packed as light as I possibly could.  It's Puerto Rico, you need two pairs of shorts and swimsuit, right?  So I packed light, we walked off our plane, to the curb and into a taxi. We were in our hotel before most people were out of the terminal.

I was hooked!

Which brings me to this trip, we cashed in our points and we are flying first class.  And I am allowed to have THREE checked bags.  Now I'm no fool, I know I can't carry all that.  I am only taking two checked bags.  However I have slipped an empty duffel bag in, just in case I need to bring back MORE.

P.S. Don't tell Mr Cooper.  I have been packing in secret so as to not freak him out.

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Jules said...

At risk of being so cliche... I'd probably fit in that 3rd suitcase.

Ya. It's as corny as I'd thought. How about you grab me a keychain while you're away and send it to me once you get home! I collect them and I don't have one from there yet. :)

Well, ok.. yoou might not want to do that either. Soooo.. I'll just simply say that I hope you two have a great time!