Wednesday, April 25, 2012

En Paris, il pleut beaucoup - Tuesday

 Tuesday We slept in.  And by slept in, I mean we didn't get up before 8 am.

Lyle, Cindy and I went out for a quick coffee and pastry (petite dejeuner) and to buy toilet paper.  5 girls in an apartment.  As Lyle said, "What do girls DO with all that paper?"  Once supplies were laid in, we were ready to tackle the day.

We headed out of the apartment and aimed for the Metro stop of Republique.  My favorite part of being in Paris is the ability to wander and discover.  We wandered towards our Metro stop and discovered a cream puff shop.  An entire shop, dedicated to mini cream puffs.  I had to have one. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I had to have the one with the most cream filling.  And I did. 
 It was delicious.  The bottom of the cup was chocolate, the top cream was praline.  It was like Neutella peanut butter cup cream puff.  three bites and it was done.  Just the right size for 10 am.

We continued on and wandered through a market.
 I saw this man who was getting ready to take his puppies for a motorcycle ride. 
The dog who wasn't in the satchel, was placed inside the front of his jacket for the ride.

We made it  to Le Metro, and got off at Blanche.  This is the sight of the World Famous Moulin Rouge.  I've never been inside, but the photo opportunity from the street is a delight.  We were all so excited because it wasn't raining.  Perhaps our luck with the weather had changed?
 It had not.  5 minutes after our beautiful photo, it started to rain.  Then it began to pour.  As I've said, even Paris in the rain, is still Paris.  Today I was saying even Paris in the Pouring rain is still Paris... but I'm sick of being wet.

We walked to the Montmartre Cemetery.  Parisian cemeteries are beautiful and I knew we'd all enjoy seeing something we wouldn't normally see, but I did have an ulterior motive.  I adore Dalida.  She is an icon in France.  Only when I was researching where to go on this tour day did I discover that the Montmartre Cemetery is where her grave is.  I had to make the pilgrimage.  I had to see this site.
 Even is pouring rain, she was radiant.  I wish I had brought flowers.

The rest of the cemetery is also interesting. 

 This grave marker reminded me of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland.  The concave carving of the face followed you as you walked past.  Who says to themselves, "After I die, I want my grave marker to be creepy?" Apparently this guy.

We continued up the hill, in the rain, heading towards Sacre Couer.
 Venita and Cindy pose with the Parisian skyline.  If you can see the tiny gold dome behind them, that is the dome over Napoleon's tomb.

We made it to Sacre Couer.  My favorite thing to do is climb to the top of the church (all 300 steps) and see the amazing view from up top.  Except it was no longer raining, it was PISSING DOWN WATER.  So many clouds, so little view.  Instead we went inside to see the church, along with everyone else who was dodging the rain.

Sacre Couer, exterior.
 It may be raining in Paris, but hey, we have each other and that, as the sign above says, is "No Problemo."

 After Sacre Couer, we walked out of the Montmartre area, took the Metro to the Belleville area and started walking back to Republique.  The rain never let up.  Lyle bought an umbrella, Cindy bought a gold handbag, Beverly bought "nude" patent leather boots, and we all stopped and bought an alcoholic drink in a corner bar to fortify us for the rest of the journey back to the apartment.

Tuesday night we went to a favorite restaurant of mine just off of Place des Vosges, Bistro L'Oullette. This was my third time eating here.  I come for the cassoulet.  It is the best I have had (apologies to Lyle) and I must say the photo I took of it is terrible.

So much food, such good company, and a fitting finish to the meal, Dessert!