Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Time flies

So we moved. We moved to Mammoth mountain to live on a ski hill. I agreed to 3 months, Lyle somehow heard 4. And I thought, "Oh my god, FOUR MONTHS IN THE SNOW?" And then I thought, "It will fly by before I know it."

And we have about a month left here in our quiet little mountain town.

I can't believe it. First off, it's been a terribly mild winter. And I mean that, TERRIBLE. It's bad for the town, it's bad for the skiers, it's bad for your skis! So I've gotten off easy. Last year we came up for a weekend in March and in the middle of the mountain having the most snow in all of North America, it snowed 6 feet in one day. There were snowbanks 10 feet tall. This year, we can't keep snow covering the grass in the front yard. It snows 2 feet, then melts in two days.

But we've survived. I have more winter coats than I could ever have imagined I would (being a complete Southern California transplant). I think we'll be back next winter. We need to find another house to rent as this one was available just this once this year.

It's mystifying how we were able to slow down and adapt to mountain living. I've had to go into Los Angeles a couple times for work. Don't worry, I remembered all my swear word and were my horn is located. Its like riding a bike. But up here, its all breezy.

I told my mom all about Happy Hour here in Mammoth. $5 gets you a hand roll and PBR at the sushi place. At Z-Ranch, $5 gets you a cheeseburger and a Mickey's beer. Every restaurant has a special from 4-6 in the bar. You need to get out there early or you won't get a table. And then, BAM, it's 6:00 and Happy Hour is over. Just as well, I'm full and the prices just went up. So we're home by 6:05, it's still light out, but I'm full and sitting down to watch TV... My mom said, "Oh we're just the same, Early dinner out, home by 6, car in the garage with the doors closed. Except we call it the Early Bird Special."

The end of this month, the ski hill begins to close the runs on the far ends of the hill. The Main Lodge run will stay open through Memorial Day, but we will be gone by then. We will be headed to Palm Springs for the hottest time of year there, summer. Something is wrong with us, but we don't seem to mind.


dit said...

I believe everything is "right" with you both.

Jules said...

Nice update, Jim! I can't believe all that snow would melt within a couple of days, but I should believe it because that's what happened up here all winter. By your photos, though, it seemed like crazy amounts. It will be interesting to go back to PS, I wonder if you'll miss the laid back lifestyle up in Mammoth.