Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Here is a collection of photos I posted while on the go in Barcelona.

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"Ok, any guesses? Where am I now?" 

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"You know you're in the gay neighborhood when oversized disco balls are featured for sale in the windows. "
(taken at c/ Casanova, (Eixample) Barcelona)

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"Chocolate croissant in Barcelona. Forget Paris?"
(taken at Santanach)

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"Toothpick tapas"
(taken at SAGARDI BCN Centre)

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"How do I explain? In the basement, on the left is the DJ, on the right is the toilets. PARTY TIME!"
(taken at Boca Grande)

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"First class lounge breakfast"
(taken at Miro Lounge)

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"This flight is too early. Who booked it?"
(taken at Terminal 1)

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