Thursday, July 31, 2008

Going Green

So I have been riding my bike a lot (for me) and we are giving serious consideration to getting a small composter of some sort for the yard (besides our little farm dogs who inhale any food item I will allow them to).

But all that has nothing to do with what I mean when I say I am going green.

About 10 years ago I threw away anything and everything in my closet that was green. I figured out that I only wore green when I felt sick. And then I would look sick as well when the green reflected on my skin.

I don't wear green.

I don't own green.

I do not eat green eggs and ham.

I don't own any green furniture.

Never paint a room a color you wouldn't wear? I don't have any green rooms.

I hate green!

Or do I?

About a year ago I bought a sweater that was very bright vivid green, some would say chartreuse:
I rationalized it away with the fact that it was a sweater and therefore would never be near my face. I would always have a shirt under it and that would be next to my face. I wore it a lot.

Then about 2 months ago I was shopping at Martin + Oso. I picked up a couple of things to try on and had decided on a pair of plain shorts and a polo shirt in my signature orange color. In the fitting room there was a sign, "Try anything on get $25 off your purchase of $100 or more." I was buying $75 worth of stuff and had just tried something on. I realized that if I could find something out there for $25 that I wanted, I could get it for free!

I love a bargain. But I had already scoured the store and didn't need anything else. As my mother would tell you (repeatedly) "It's not a bargain if you don't need it."

I decided that I would get something I would normally NEVER get. A green shirt. GREEN. To be fair, I was still getting chartreuse or in this case they call it "citrus green". I decided that I needed to shake up my style and step out of my zone. Or as I keep telling our niece, make a fashion mistake that you will regret when you look in photos 5 years from now. Buying a key lime polo shirt would be me taking my own advice. Really living on the edge! Besides all that, it was basically FREE! Now it seems to always be in the dirty clothes and I can't wear it enough.

Then a month ago I was at Bloomingdale's and I found this Polo shirt on a very good sale.
It is not chartreuse, citrus or key lime. I tried it on to prove it would look awful on me. Well crap, it didn't. I bought it because it was less than half price. Now I find myself wearing it. A lot.

Who am I? What is my style? What rules are left to break? What will become of me!?!?


dit said...

I think it is important to stop and rethink some of our ways from time to time. It keeps us fresh. To me, thsi says you are still flexible, which is a good thing. 8-)

jason said...

Dit is right.

Diederick said...

Style is personality. Following others is everything but following your individual mind.

Try something daring, which is absolutely you, but might not fit into what you believe is fashion at the moment.

Rachel said...

Well, you know me. I like green. I LOVE the dark green shirt.

landis smithers said...

don't fret, love.

i don't ever wear red shoes. i love red shoes, but i never wear them. that's why i have two pairs. cause i don't wear them. ever.