Friday, July 31, 2009

The difference between Men & Boys

As my mother was fond of saying, "The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys."

I got new flip flops! I know, I know, such heady news. About 8 years ago I decided to embrace my "inner Californian" and wear flip flops in public, shorts in the winter and remind my hair that it's supposed to be blond. These flip flops are another step in that direction, go bold with color!
What's so interesting that I would take a photo of my feet and shoes?

Oh yeah, I also got a new camera.
First thing any camera does around this house is take photos of the dogs.
You'll know right away how it handles all the light bouncing off the white. Also how the much red eye you get from them.
This one is doing very well. Now on to the food!

Tomatoes are in full swing and we've got loads. The camera did very well with this test as well, didn't blow out the white plate.

What else should you do with a new camera?

Did I mention this new camera is waterproof to 10 feet deep?

Sand and water won't get in it.
And it's a lot of fun!


A Lewis said...

oh boy, now you've gone and done it. posted pictures of my very most favorite thing on the entire planet....tomatoes. surprised, aren't ya?? my second favorite?? the pooch! and the third? flip flops with boy toes!! no, wait, I've got that entirely out of order.....

Michael Guy said...

OH dear god...the BRAZILIAN flip flops! So now. SOOOO NEEDED here.

Lurve the new camera, dogs and ocean shots. I WANNA go to the ocean now...and I'm glad that you're keeping your hair natural. Like mine.

Rachel said...

You forgot having tipsy guests picking up said camera and taking pictures of the dogs.

martin said...

And just how much were those flip flops in Cali ?.

Stephen said...

Now you have gone & done it...
I have to have that camera!

"Just David!" said...

OMG, love the camera! Great shot of Lyle's back, love the tattoo and he's HAWT!! At least I think that's him, I'm not wearing my glasses, it could very well just be some stranger you were stalking and taking pictures of! I'll look again tomorrow after I find the glasses!